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6 Communication Strategies

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All sorts of things can happen, and you never know in what sort of situation you may need to use your English skills. You are now sitting in the waiting room at a local health care center. The person sitting next to you asks for some help with the paperwork. 

Since there isn't that much to do while you are waiting, you also have an opportunity to work on your vocabulary and listening comprehension skills.


Exercise 6.1

Patient Information

You are helping someone with a patient information form. First, download the form to your own computer and study its content. Second, fill it in with the information you hear the person tell you in the recording below.

Listen to the conversation

After you have completed the form, you can check your answers here.

State the date when you completed the exercise below and write in your learner diary how well you did with the exercise.

Exercise 6.2

Listen to the words, practice pronouncing them, and write them down.

Listen to the words

Exercise 6.3

Complete the sentences using the words you listened to and wrote down in Exercise 6.2.

When was the last time you saw an eye doctor and had your  tested?

The X-rays revealed that Sharon had a  in her ankle.

Who shall I write down as this child’s ?

Which one of you two is the ?

Brandon is in great physical .

Someone had an epileptic  at the mall today.

We need some background  on you.

What is your  and who is your employer?

Heather works as a nurse so she is a health care .

Are you taking any  for your allergies?

Is there any family history of Type 2 ?

Please fill in this form and make sure you list all your  medications.

The first health  you listed was insomnia. How often do you have trouble sleeping?

Larry experienced  in his fingertips due to frostbite.

Do you take any over-the-counter medications for your heartburn and other  problems?

Exercise 6.4

Listening Comprehension Practice – Leeds

This is a short story about Leeds. Listen through it and answer questions 1-6.


1. Leeds

is the capital of York.
is just like London.
is a popular choice among Finnish students.

2. People in Leeds usually

hug each other a lot.
kiss to greet each other.
don't like to be touched.

3. The English dialect spoken in Leeds

sounds like American English.
can only be heard in pubs.
is not usually taught in language classes.

4. A meal served early in the evening is called


5. Which statement is true about Leeds?

Medieval feasts are popular.
Heavy rain showers are common.
You can enjoy Indian architecture there.

6. Which statement is false?

The weather is not a good conversation topic.
The royal family is popular.
School uniforms are common.

Photo: Flickr / Ben Sutherland

Exercise 6.5

Listening Comprehension Practice – Australia

Listen to the story about Australia and fill in the missing words.


Australia, the smallest continent in the world, has an extreme climate, magnificent landscapes and unique wildlife. The weather is hot and dry in most areas but it rains a great deal up in the north and somewhat on the east coast. The (1)  varies from burning hot deserts to snowy topped mountains and flourishing tropical rainforests. The (2)  nature and wildlife can bring you face to face with countless emotions: perhaps (3) , fear, joy or humbleness.

Most of the people in Australia live in the cities on the coast. National parks (4)  a way for the ordinary `Aussie´ and visiting traveler to experience the splendid Australian nature, animals and plants, (5) . All six states and the territory have parks and wildlife areas worth embracing.

The largest national park in Australia, Kakadu National Park, can be found near Darwin in the Northern Territory. It is a magnificent place for bird (6) ­ and for people who wish to familiarize themselves with Aborigine culture and (7) . Many endangered and endemic animals are found in this habitat. Scenes from Crocodile Dundee were filmed in this area and the crocodile (8)  are to be taken seriously.

Another intriguing place for exploration with its large conservation area is Kangaroo Island in South Australia. It is a popular sight for (9) . Besides bouncing “roos” and wallabies, koalas nibbling on eucalyptus leaves and other marsupials also goannas, echidnas, pygmy copperheads, sea lions, (10) ­­­, seals and penguins can be spotted.

For people who love sea, sun and sand the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef in Queensland can make sailing and scuba diving dreams as well as fantasies of golden beaches come true. (11)  say it is no wonder it has been selected as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Seaside life is also (12)  enjoyed in Western Australia where the Ningaloo Reef gives home to the largest fish in the world, the whale shark. Smaller possible swimming (13)  include dolphins and turtles.

In addition to the inhabited (14)  areas the Australian continent consists of the so called “Outback”. In the middle of the outback stands Ayers Rock or Uluru as it is (15)  by the Aborigines, red and (16) . This is yet another must-see attraction for many. Although most of the outback is dry (17) , sheep and cattle are farmed on the more fertile land.

And finally, on the (18)  end of the weather spectrum, it is also possible to pack up the families´ winter gear and head for The Australian Alps. The Alps (19)  from New South Wales to Victoria. They invite active and adventurous people cross-countrying and downhill skiing, horseback riding, bushwalking, fly fishing and whitewater rafting. During the summer the (20)  of snow daisies and other wildflowers can pave the way to climbing mountain tops. With this hike you’re still `Down Under´ - but definitely on top of the world!

Photo: Flickr / Bitchin' Ol' Boomer Babe blog

Exercise 6.6

Small talk with your neighbour

You bump into your new neighbour and he starts a conversation. Answer his questions politely with a couple of sentences. Make sure you understand the expressions. Remember to pay attention to the tense! This excercise will be graded 4-10.
Record your answers and save them in the box below.

Conversation, part 1

Conversation, part 2

Conversation, part 3

Conversation, part 4

Conversation, part 5

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