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Course 2, Lesson 2 (3 hours)


Exercise 2.1

Music is perhaps the second most common hobby among Finnish students right after sports. To many it is also a possible career. Your task in this lesson is to become an amateur musician with a desire to become good enough to earn living in music. In other words, you hope to be a professional musician one day. Perhaps you really do play an instrument or you are thinking of starting one. Whichever the case, you can at least imagine your future career has to do with music.

When you study music long enough, you more often than not need to move abroad to continue your studies. There are several famous conservatories in Europe as well as in the U.S.A. The reason to why you need to move abroad is simply that there are not so many excellent teachers to go around and the best schools are the only ones which can afford them. Now you have to find out where to continue your studies. First decide which instrument you play. Then go to the Google search and look for conservatories which have programs for your instrument. When you compare the conservatories try to take into account at least the following questions:

1. How good does the program in your instrument seem to be?

2. How many years will it take to get a degree in that particular conservatory?

3. How expensive is the school?

4. What will the expenses cover? Only teaching? Lodging? Food?

5. What additional expenses will there most likely be? (traveling to the country, traveling in the country and city, possible concerts etc.)

When you have done your comparison of the schools, decide which conservatory you would like to attend. Then find out which documents they want to see before they accept you as their student. Then list the necessary documents and explain why you chose that particular conservatory. Remember to include the Internet addresses of each conservatory you compared in your answer, too.

Please write your text in the box below. Your teacher will assess this exercise as part of your portfolio.

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