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Course 2, Lesson 4 (3 hours)

Sports Superstars

Exercise 4.1

Find a homepage of your favorite sports superstar.
Study how they got started with the sport and how they got to where they are today. Try to find answers to some of the following questions:

1. What age did they start the sport?

2. When was their first competition and how did they do?

3. How much did they practice at first and how much do they practice nowadays?

4. What kind of facilities for practice did they have at first and what are they like now?

5. How well do they live off their sport nowadays, i.e. how much money do they make?

6. How many people do they have to help them (coaches, managers etc.)?

7. How long a career have they had so far and how long are they planning to continue with the sport?

8. How many injuries, surgeries etc. have they had?

9. What plans do they have for life after this career?

Based on the answers you find write (1)

a short introduction (not more than 80 words) to this person and also (2) imagine yourself having the same chances for a career in sports. Tell the reader whether you would be willing to spend the next ten or so years only to be the best you can in sports or whether you would rather have life outside sports and a "normal" career in another field. Think about all possible pros and cons and decide what you would like to do. To the box below you should add the introduction of your athlete and their homepage address, as well as a short summary of your personal views about your life and sports and how they combine. Your teacher will assess this exercise as part of your portfolio.


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