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Course 2, Lesson 5 (3 hours)

Fan Clubs

Exercise 5.1

Music, theater, movies and sports employ directly and indirectly thousands of people. On top of this they are a hobby to many more people, for example in the form of fan clubs. There are official fan clubs with weekly magazines, meetings and look-alike contests and then there are groups of people who unofficially get together simply because they happen to like the same things, whether that is music, art, acting or sports. Your task is to find a home page of a person or a group/band/team of your interest and see if there is an official fan club. Then you should find the e-mail address of the club for more information. You should find out at least the following facts about the fan club and write down the answers and the home page address:

1. How old is the fan club?

2. How big is it, i.e. how many members are there and how old are they in general?

3. How often do they get together and where?

4. What do they do in their meetings?

5. Is there a fan club magazine or a news letter and how much does it cost?

6. What additional expenses are there: a membership fee, annual/monthly/weekly donations, other costs?

7. How do you become a member?

8. How close is the star/band/team really to the fan club?

9. Why should you become a member of that particular fan club and not another of the same interest?

Home page address:


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