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Course 2, Lesson 7 (3 hours)

The Guide for the Poor Tourist

Exercise 7.1

When you are abroad everything seems to cost a lot, no matter what you choose to do. However, it doesn't need to be so. There are a number of things you can do when abroad or at home that don't cost anything. Your task now is to find out what you can do without spending too much money in three of the following places: your home town, Copenhagen, the countryside in Hungary, Canada and India. Go to the Internet (perhaps starting again with Google and using the place names as query words) and find out as much information of the different activities in each place and then consider the expenses and create a "guide" for the not-so-rich tourists. Introduce the activities in each place and try to make your guide as selling and appealing as possible.

Add the guide and the source addresses in the box below. Your teacher will assess this exercise as part of your portfolio.


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