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Course 2, Lesson 9 (2 hours)


Exercise 9.1

Write an essay of about 100 words on one of the following titles:

  1. Are the Computers Making the Young People Dull?
    Some people claim that playing and working with the computer day and night leaves no time for taking care of your physical condition or your social life. Your only connection to the outside world is the computer screen and all the exercise you get is when you press the keys in your computer. Is this true or is it the opinion of some adults who are scared of the new technology?
  2. Motor Sports - True Sports?
  3. My Favorite Writer/Artist/Composer.
  4. My Hobby Does Not Disturb My School!
    Write an answer to a newspaper article that claimed that young people today have so many hobbies that they don't have time for school.

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