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Course 2, Lesson 10 (4 hours)

Listening Comprehension and Oral Practising

Exercise 10.1

This lesson deals with listening comprehension exercises and expressing your views orally. The lesson is divided into two separate tasks.

1. Listening

First you should look for three different homepages or addresses with recorded voice attached to them. On the Internet there is a freeware program which you can download on your own computer to watch and hear the CNN News. This would be a perfect source for listening comprehension tasks. However, it is up to you to decide what your listening comprehension is about. Below there is a list of sites with voice attachments which you may find worth visiting.

* cnn.com
* http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/video_and_audio

* eleac.ln.edu.hk/listening.html

The actual task in all of the three listening comprehensions will be to give a brief account for the main points of the recordings that you have listened to. You should answer at least the following questions if possible:

1. What was the recording about?

2. Who was the speaker?

3. Why did you find it interesting?

Add your account in the box below. Your teacher will assess it as part of your portfolio.

2. Oral exercise

The second part has to do with speaking, telling your views to listeners. Your presentation on one of the following topics

should be about 10 minutes long and you should record it into an audio file.

1. How much can the media really mould my views?
2. Censorship is wrong – or is it?
3. What is the ideal balance between work and leisure in my life?

You can use the recording programs on your computer and send your file to your teacher per e-mail. Remember to use one of the common formats, e.g. .waw, .mp3, .wma. You can find step-by-step sound recording instructions for Audacity (a free program) here:

One simple way of doing the recording is to use a free recording program called MailVU http://mailvu.com/. You don't need to log in or anything, just start recording and after recording your speech you can easily send it from MailVu to your teacher's e-mail.

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