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Course 3, Lesson 1 (4 hours)

High Schools

Exercise 1.1

Your task is to compare the high school (upper secondary) systems in Finland, England and the USA. First go to Google or any other search engine and look for home pages of at least three schools (preferably of different size and location, i.e. city/countryside) in each of the countries above. (You can, for example, try to seach using the word "college".) Look for differences in the curriculum, daily schedules, the length of the day and of individual lessons, the school year, the lunch arrangements etc. and try to come up with some kind of regularities in the high school system in each of the three countries. Then write an introduction of the systems to your portfolio for further evaluation. Try not to use more than 300 words, and remember to add the addresses for the home pages you visited. Here are a few questions to help you in your task of finding the differences and the regularities:

1. How is the school year divided?

2. What age are the students in the school and how many years does it take to complete the school?

3. Is there a final exam system? What is it like?

4. Describe how the subjects are grouped and how the daily/weekly timetable (=schedule) works.

5. How is the lunch break and the lunch itself organized in different countries and schools?

6. What else does the school offer besides the actual lessons, i.e. describe the extra curricular activities provided.

7. How is the school transport organized?

8. What expenses are there for the parents (uniforms, educational material, food etc.)?

After you have written your introduction of the different school systems you still have one more task in this lesson. Word lists, or word families are something every upper secondary student must work with in order to really get the most out of the courses. Therefore you should now make a list of 10-20 new and useful words with the theme of education you found in the pages you used for your introduction. Then go to Conversation (Keskustelu), write (or paste) your list of words together with translations as the message and submit it. You should also see if there are similar lists from other students working with this lesson and check the words in them and add them to your own list.

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