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Course 3, Lesson 4 (4 hours)


Exercise 4.1

Your friend wants to be veterinarian in the future. In order to be one it is necessary to study in a university. Your friend wants also to see other countries and therefore studying abroad is also a possibility. Since you have the access to the Internet, it is your task to find different alternatives to where your friend could go to university to be a vet. You will need to visit five homepages of universities in as many countries of your own choice and study what they say about their veterinary studies. Pay attention to at least the following points:

1. How many years do the studies take (find out if previous university studies are also required)?

2. How much do the studies cost and what do the students get for their money (meals, accommodation, books, additional material etc.)?

3. Is there an entrance exam and how easy is it to get into the university and this particular program?

4. As far you can say, what is the quality and the academic value of the program, i.e. do they mention any renowned vets that went to their college?

5. Anything else of interest that the university could offer that might interest your friend.

To your portfolio write down your opinion as to where your friend should apply with as detailed arguments as possible. Present all the facts that suggest that a certain university is the best choice for your friend. Also, write down how to apply to the university of your choice. Finally, mention all the universities you visited and give their home page addresses.

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