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Course 3, Lesson 7 (2 hours)


Exercise 7.1

Write an essay of approximately 120-160 words on one of the following titles:

1. How to improve the school year?
There are certain things that need to be taught and learned per year. Is the school year OK the way it is, or could it be longer/shorter? Should they do something about the way holidays are divided throughout the year? How would you plan the school year if you had all the power needed?

2. College or life at work.
Would you rather enjoy the life of a student in a college and a possible academic career or start working as soon as you can? Think about the freedom, the salary, the loans etc.

3. A Job I Would Never Take.

4. Studying Abroad - Luxury or Real Work?
Every year hundreds of Finns travel abroad to study in a college. There are things that cannot be studied in Finland(e.g. Chiropractics) but most of the studies could be done in Finland. How useful do you think studying abroad really is and what are the pros and cons with it?

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