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Lesson 3: Giving Back

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In this lesson we will take a look at participation, involvement and volunteering.


Exercise 3.1 Pronunciation practice

Vocabulary – Listen and practice.

Once you have practiced the words enough, make a recording of yourself reading them.

Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.


Lesson 3: Vocabulary
volunteer humanitarian demonstration
voluntary movement cooperation
volunteerism membership collaboration
involvement alliance contribute
dedication issue contribution
commitment awareness fundraiser
activist advocate (noun) donation
organization advocate (verb) petition
charity proponent pressure group
charitable objective initiative
philanthropy demonstrate NPO / non-profit organization / not-for-profit organization

 Submit your audio file below (max 3 Mb):

Photo: Flickr / Bread for the World, CC BY-NC 2.0


Exercise 3.2 Writing a blog entry

Visit the websites of the four special interest groups listed below or if you prefer, the sites of some other groups or organizations that promote a certain cause or causes. After that, move on to do the next two exercises.

Focus Ireland
UK Youth

Using the background material stated above, write a blog entry on one of the topics you read on. If possible, take a stand and be for or against something. The length of your entry should be approximately 200 words.

Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.

Submit your text below:


Exercise 3.3 A video blog post

Using the background material stated above (Exercise 3.2), record a video blog entry where you discuss one of the causes you read about. Although the background material is the same, do not use the text you wrote yourself in Exercise 3.2 in this task.

This is your vlog and these are your thoughts and opinions – practice using appropriate words and phrases to indicate that. The length of your recording should be 4–5 minutes. It can be an audio recording if necessary.

Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Jeffrey Lehrberg, Public Domain

Submit a link to your video file here or email it to your teacher.

You can upload your audio file (max. 3 Mb) here or email it to your teacher.


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