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Lesson 8: Speak! Listen!


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Ralph Waldo Emerson


This lesson is about improving your oral and listening comprehension skills.

To serve both purposes, start by watching these presentations on how to give a speech in English:

How to give a presentation in English
(~12 minutes)

Writing an Informative Speech in 6 Steps
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAj2lNZhqYI (~13 minutes)

Remember this source if you need to check the pronunciation of some words:


Exercise 8.1 Speech

In this exercise you will practice your spoken language skills and put together a speech. The topic of your speech should be one of the following:

  1. Someone I Admire

  2. Some Thoughts on Fame and Being Famous

  3. The Role of Culture in Our Lives

  4. A Cultural Event (give it your own title)

Here are some guidelines:

  • Pay attention to the general structure: have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

  • Consider these:

    • Who is your target audience?

    • What is the point of your speech?

    • What do you want to say?

  • Do not talk about any person(s) you have written about in another exercise in this course

  • Begin your speech by introducing yourself and end it by thanking your audience.

  • Your speech needs to be 6 minutes long.

  • You have three options on how to present it: record an audio file (wma / mp3) and submit it in Muikku, send an audio or a video email (you can use Vocaroo http://vocaroo.com/ or mailVU http://mailvu.com/ ) to your teacher, or do it live via Skype or on the phone with your teacher.

Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.

Submit your audio file below or email it to your teacher and state the date here:



Exercise 8.2 Listening Skills Test-taking Practise

In this exercise you will practice taking a matriculation exam English listening comprehension test. There are three ways to do this: you can attend one of the online sessions organized by Nettilukio (see the schedule and links on the front page of the course or Nettilukio/Internetix), you can take the test on Abitreenit website or you can get one to listen to at your local library.

When you attend an online session – and it would be most beneficial to attend as many of them as possible – make sure that you sign the attendance file while there. You also need to have the appropriate question booklet at hand when the practice session begins. You will find all of that information in Ajankohtaiset.

If you are not able to attend an online session, you can go to Abitreenit and take the English listening comprehension test from spring 2014 (the recording, question booklet and the correct answers can be found from the website).

If you do not plan on participating in the matriculation exam, please contact your teacher for information on what sort of listening comprehension practice you can do instead.

Write in the answer box below your score (see the back of the question booklet on how to count the points) OR list the other material you listened to as agreed with your teacher. In addition, write briefly about your own thoughts on the listening comprehension.

Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.


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