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Course 6, Lesson 2 (3 hours)

Sponsoring Sports

Exercise 2.1

Sponsoring sports is a major form of advertising a product nowadays. There are very few big and important sports events where you don't see the logos and slogans of different multinational companies and their products. Now we would like to read your opinions about this.

Sometimes you can express your own opinions simply by your choice of words, without stating specifically that something you write or say is your own opinion. But if you wish to make it known very clearly that you are expressing your opinion on the topic, here are some useful phrases:

  • In my opinion, / I (don't) think… / I (don't) feel… / I (don't) believe (that)… / It seems to me (that)…
  • To my mind… / The way I see it (is) / As far as I'm concerned, / If you ask me, / To my mind / Personally, I think...

Your essay will consist of two parts: First, give your own opinions on the subject of advertising and sports. Do you think it is suitable to combine these two or should the practice be banned? For example, is it okay in your opinion to have tobacco commercials, advertisements or company logos at sports venues, on sports uniforms, or in sports broadcasts?

Second, after considering your opinions on the subject, watch some sports events on TV and focus on the advertisements at the venues or on the athletes' uniforms. Combine your own observations to your opinions and add the text to your portfolio. The minimum length of text is 250 words.

Keep in mind that your essay ought to be a complete text - in other words, there is an introduction and a conclusion and a well-organized body of text between the two. In addition, make sure that you use complete sentences.

Add your text in the box below. Your teacher will assess this exercise as part of your portfolio.





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