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Course 6, Lesson 4 (3 hours)

Online business opportunities

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org

Exercise 4.1

Nowadays it is possible to buy and sell almost anything on the Internet; from car parts to travel insurance, from exquisite wines to personalized horoscopes. One's imagination is the only limit, as well as the question of supply and demand.

Let's approach this subject by watching a short, 8-minute video interview:

How to Start an Online Business or an Online Home Business


Now it is your turn to start your own Internet based business. First, you need to come up with a product or a service you think people would want to purchase or use. Second, think of a way to respond to that demand with the help of the Internet and other tools. You may consider the following questions when planning your business:

  1. What is the product or service you will be selling or providing?
  2. How will you advertise?
  3. How will the delivery and billing be conducted?
  4. What kind of organization and facilities will your business need?

Write a brief introduction of your business plan with the help of the questions above as well as everything else you consider important and add it into your portfolio. The minimum length of your text is 200 words but feel free to practice your writing skills and write more, up to 400 words.

Going through the first part of the lesson, you will need a number of business related words. As the second part of your task you need to choose at least fifteen (15) such words and list them with their Finnish translations in the course Conversation (Keskustelu) area. When you have submitted your own words there, check other students' lists there to learn even more useful vocabulary.





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