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Course 6, Lesson 6 (3 hours)

Science and technology in the news


Exercise 6.1

How and where do we learn about advances in science and technology? How do scientists and researchers reach the public? How might the newest developments in science and technology affect our personal lives and the society in general?

In this exercise you will familiarize yourself with free online resources specifically aimed at informing the public about the developments in the fields of science and technology. You will work on your reading, listening and writing skills. Read all the instructions carefully to ensure that you will complete every step of the assignment.

Step 1

Option 1. Go to this website Science Friday  and listen to some science news available in the Archive. Listen to at least one hour of programming. Take some notes as you listen to the piece of news. Write down the headline and the link.

Option 2. If you feel your listening comprehension skills are not sufficient enough to make sense of the newscast, this is what you can do instead: You can find more science news on another page of the NPR website On the Media - go to the Show Archive and use science as your search word. There the news clips are shorter - and you can get the transcript. Just make sure that you listen to enough programs to have a minimum of one hour of listening comprehension. Take some notes as you listen to the pieces of news. Write down the headlines and the links.

Step 2

At the same website, watch at least three video clips available at Science Friday videos. You can also watch many of the same videos on YouTube (might download faster). Again, take some notes including writing down the headlines and the links.

Step 3

Choose one technology and one science magazine to visit. Find in each magazine a piece of news that interests you. Read it and take some notes. Remember to write down the headlines and copy the links.

You can find links to several magazines here:

Science Magazines

Technology Magazines

Step 4

Once you have listened to, watched and read some news, review your notes and write a short report on what you learned. Remember to list all your sources at the end of the text. The length of the final report is between 250 and 400 words.


  • Listen to the news: 1 hour minimum of either one or more audio clips; take notes
  • Watch 3 videos; take notes
  • Read an article in a science magazine; take notes
  • Read an article in a technology magazine; take notes
  • Write a report using notes; list sources
  • Add the report to your portfolio

Add your text in the box below. Your teacher will assess this exercise as part of your portfolio.


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