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Course 6, Lesson 9 (2 hours)


Exercise 9.1 Composition

Write a composition of between 150 and 250 words (= the length of the composition in the Matriculation Examination English test) on one of the subjects listed below.

Since this is the last compulsory course, you should get used to writing your composition by hand instead of merely using your computer. The composition and the other parts of the Matriculation Examination test are handed in hand-written. For practice purposes, you need to write this composition by hand as well. Keep in mind that the final version should be written very neatly, i.e. there should not be any mistakes with their corrected, re-written forms. Upload the final version either scanned or as a photo (.jpeg). If that is not possible, email it ot send the paper version to your teacher by mail. (Get in touch with your teacher for the address).

When you write your composition, keep in mind that the result should be a complete text. First, there should be an introduction (this can be very short, just one or two sentences). Second, the actual body of the text should be well-organized. Third, there should be a conclusion (this, too, can be just one or two sentences). In addition, there ought to be smooth transitions from one part of the text to another. The composition is the showcase of your writing skills, your knowledge of words and phrases and command of grammatical structures. Show what you can do!

1. Shop around - it is worth it!

Some people go from one store to another to find the best buy, but does that really help one to save money?

2. The computer is my best friend

It is said that many young people are losing their social contacts in the real world because of the computer and all that goes with it. Present arguments for and against this statement.

3. Why go to work if the work comes to me? / I don't want to have my job at home

With the help of modern technology, many people have begun to work from their homes instead of commuting to work. What are the pros and cons of each alternative? Which system suits you and your needs better? Choose your own title!

4. Where is the world going to?

Nowadays technology is developing with an accelerating speed: cars are becoming faster and better as well as more economical, banking is done online, etc. Who knows, in a few more years we may be totally out of work because computers do the jobs for us. Should we restrict the pace of technological development and help us humans to keep our dignity and self-esteem? Write a speech, which you can give to a huge number of people at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, on the fast development of technology. Make your own point of view clear with good, solid arguments.

5. My favorite gadget

Many modern households and people own a multitude of gadgets - small devices or appliances that make everyday life easier or more enjoyable. These gadgets fill our desks, purses, pockets, maybe our kitchens and living rooms, too. Why do people like to get them? Which gadget do you like best and why?


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