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Course 6, Lesson 11 (4 hours)

Oral Skills and Listening Comprehension


In this lesson you will work on your oral and listening skills.

There are many excellent websites that you can use to improve your listening skills. Here are some useful sites:

Many online dictionaries offer audio clips to help you pronounce the word correctly. Here are some online sources:


Exercise 11.1

There are two parts to this listening comprehension task. 

Part 1 entails listening to an old Matriculation Exam listening comprehension test. Please see the information listed in the course bulleting board / Ajankohtaista on the front page of the course for times. (You only need to attend one session but you can attend all.) State in the box below when you participated in the session and your score.

You might also be able to check out an old ME test from your local library and do the task on your own. If you'd like some feedback on the open-ended questions of the test, you can copy your answers in the answer box below.

Part 2: Visit one or more of the websites listed above in the lesson or other appropriate sources to listen to a minimum of 60 minutes of audio and video clips. Write down the topics/titles and the links to the ones you listened to and add the list to your portfolio.

Add your listening comprehension list of topics and sources as well as your listening comprehension test results in the box below. Your teacher will assess this exercise as part of your portfolio


Exercise 11.2


There are two parts to this oral skills exercise. First, make a short recording of yourself reading the short text on innovation below and second, record yourself talking on one of the given topics for a few minutes. You can record both parts in one audio file or make two or three separate files.

Please use Windows Media Player or submit an mp3 file. Here are some other recording options:

oceanaudio (an instructional video by Otavan opisto)



Also, please make sure that your voice is audible enough for the teacher to provide some feedback on your pronunciation.

Add the file or files to your portfolio or, if you encounter technical difficulties or use mailVU or Vocaroo, send them directly to your teacher via email. Alternatively, you can do this exercise live over the phone or via Skype with your teacher. If you wish to do the latter, contact your teacher to set up a time.

Part 1: Here is the text that you need to record yourself reading:

Innovation can be defined as using new ideas to lead to the creation of new products or services. It's not just the invention of some new idea but also putting the idea into practice and making it marketable. It might involve new technology, out-of-the-box thinking, and new ways of doing things. There are many types of innovation, for example product, process and marketing innovation. The goal of innovation is positive change. The importance of innovation has increased significantly, and it has become a major factor in modern business. The future of many companies depends on their ability to innovate. Organizations that are not able to innovate face decline and maybe extinction. Whether they are individuals or teams, innovators are now needed more than ever before.

Part 2: Here are the topics you can talk about. You can talk longer but about 3 minutes will be sufficient. Choose one of the following:

  • This is how technology has improved my life
  • I have always liked / disliked science
  • Pros and cons of having your own business
  • The most significant inventions


 If your recording consists of more than one file, please submit your files separately below: 



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