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Introductory Course
Lesson 1 (3 hours)

My Favorite Travel Destination

They say that traveling broadens your mind. At least most people agree that it is fun to take a trip somewhere every now and then. To some it is important to get as far as possible in order to have a truly memorable vacation, to others a cruise over to Stockholmor toTallinn is enough. What kind of traveling do you enjoy? If you had an unlimited budget at your disposal, where would you like to take a trip to?

How to write a presentation

The main thing with all the presentations the students are required to do in any course is that they are written using the student’s own language, not copied from the Internet. With the Internet it has become very easy to copy text and present it as one’s own but at the same time it has become even easier for the teacher to check whether it is copied. The text in itself is more important than the information it contains since this is a language course and therefore the teacher wants and needs to read the student’s own text. In some cases (literary essays etc.) it is necessary to quote text, but when you do that you must always remember to show that it is not your text by using quotation marks and footnotes (lainausmerkit ja lähdeviitteet). So remember to use your own words. It may be of help if you take notes when you are searching for the information you need. Then with the help of these notes you can write your own presentation without even looking at the actual original text. This way you won’t copy the original text by accident.

Exercise 1.1 My favorite travel destination

Please write your answer in the box below. Your teacher will assess this exercise as part of your portfolio. (Kirjoita vastauksesi allaolevaan laatikkoon. Opettajasi arvioi tämän tehtävän osana portfoliotasi.)

With the help of Google or any other search engine, search through several travel destinations of your choice presented on the Internet. Pick a destination that you consider your favorite and make a short presentation of it to your portfolio in your own words. You can use the following questions to help you when you write your presentation.

  1. What is there to do and see in your travel destination?
  2. How do you get there?
  3. How long should you be able to stay there to thoroughly enjoy the place?
  4. Who would you like to take there with you?

Please write your answer together with the web addresses you have used in the box below (first write your answer using a word processing program, save it on your own computer and then copy it in the box).

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