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Introductory Course
Lesson 7 (2 hours)

Presenting Yourself

We all need to tell others about ourselves more often than we would think. We need to describe our character, our personality when we try to get a job. When we meet new people it usually means that we say something about who we are. We also introduce ourselves if we are still looking for new contacts, whether it is pen pals or something more serious. Without first introducing ourselves there won’t be anybody to talk with or to write to and we will be isolated. You could say that introducing oneself is almost the beginning of communication. 

Exercise 7.1

Exercise: Introduce yourself

Do you have any pen pals? Let’s say you now want to have a pen pal in order to practice your English. Your task is to write an introduction in order to get a pen pal with whom you can write in English and at the same time get to know someone new. You are sending this letter to the “Conversation” (Kurssin työkalut, Keskustelut), where there are other students with the same interest. You can also answer the introductions of your fellow students and actually get a pen pal!

What you write in your letter is up to you, but there are certain things you may want to keep in mind.

With an introduction like this, it is wise to write down the date so that the recipients know when the introduction was written. Try to memorize different ways of writing the date in English.

  1. Use good, polite English. That is what you rather see in the presentations you read, too, isn’t it?
  2. Make your presentation as interesting and appealing as possible, but don’t overdo it.
  3. With email, but even more importantly with normal letters it is good to start with a greeting. In casual letters and emails you have a variety of options (Hi, Greetings, Hello etc.) to choose from. With formal letters it is another story. In courses to come you will learn about that, too.
  4. The ending is also important. You are more likely to get answers to your email or letter if the ending is interesting.

To the Conversation

To your portfolio, write when you wrote your introduction and if you have answered someone’s presentation.

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