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Introductory Course
Lesson 9 (3 hours)


As we get more and more spare time we need new and challenging ways of spending that time. Hobbies and free time activities have therefore become a major industry in our society.

Exercise 9.1

New and unfamiliar hobbies

The Internet is full of different leisure activities, and so it is your task this time to take a look at several new and unfamiliar hobbies, ways of enjoying your free time. Just to give you some ideas, you may want to find out how to play cricket or Australian rules football or what a numismatic or a DXer does. Or you may stumble on a totally different leisure activity. In any case, Google or any other search engine might be a good place to start. Remember only to use web sites written in English. Pick the hobby you find the most interesting to try. Get all the information you can and then give a short presentation in your own words of your new hobby including all the information you think is important. Add the presentation as well as all the different web addresses (also those of other hobbies) you have used to your portfolio for further evaluation.

Please write your answer in the box below (first write it using a word processing program, save it on your own computer and then copy it in the box).

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