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Introductory Course
Lesson 11 (2 hours)


In the Upper Secondary you are required to write essays in all English courses. Writing an essay, a composition in any foreign language is different from writing essays in Finnish. With foreign languages there is a word limit you must obey. The number of words in the first courses starts with about a hundred words and in the final courses the limit is about 250 words. When you are writing you should rather try to express less complicated ideas in good English than to show your wisdom in poor “Finglish.”

Exercise 11.1


Your task is to write an essay of about 80-120 words on one of the following titles and add it to your portfolio. Remember that all words (including articles, prepositions, abbreviations, numbers etc.) are counted as words when writing essays or summaries.

1. My Favorite Hobby

2. An Interesting Book I Read / A Great Film I Saw

Discuss the events, the characters and the atmosphere of a book or a film you have come across. What made it special? Who would you recommend it to?

3. Discuss the pros and cons of traveling in Finland and abroad. If you could travel anywhere you wanted to where would you go? Make up your own title.

4. What makes a person grown up?

Are you an adult at a certain age or is it different with different people? How can you tell who is an adult? Is it physical, mental or both?

Please write your answer in the box below (first write it using a word processing program, save it on your own computer and then copy it in the box).

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