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Listening Comprehension and Oral Skills

This is the part in the course when you get to practice your oral skills and listening comprehension. The lesson is divided into two parts with each having a portfolio exercise of its own.

Exercise 13.1

Listening comprehension

In the first part it is your task to listen to three items of news in English. You can use the Internet and listen to CNN news (cnn.com) or you may watch the news broadcast on for example BBC World. The idea is simply to follow three items of news and give a brief account of what you have heard in your portfolio. So write answers to the following questions on all the three items of news and submit them to your portfolio.

1. What was the piece of news about?

2. Where did you listen to it? (which media, which broadcasting company, when)

3. What were the main points in the story?

4. How difficult was it to understand?

5. All words in English are not pronounced with the same intensity. The words with real information are pronounced with more emphasis (paino) and more clearly than certain grammatically necessary “small” words (articles, prepositions, auxiliaries etc.) Give examples of words the news reader emphasized (korostaa) and others he/she almost swallowed (niellä)?

Please write your answers in the boxes below (first write it using a word processing program, save it on your own computer and then copy it in the box).

Item number 1.

Item number 2.

Item number 3.

Exercise 13.2

Oral Skills

This time it is your task to make a recording of an item of news. You can come up with the story yourself or you may use a piece of real news. Please use a recording program such as Windows Media Player and/or submit it as an mp3 file. Here are some other recording tools:

ocenaudio (an instructional video by Otavan opisto)


Make the recording in one take, mistakes or no mistakes, just as the news broadcasters do. This means that you can’t stop or pause the recording once you have started and then rerecord it. There are no retakes in real news broadcasts either. While reading the news, think which words you need to emphasize in your pronunciation.

If you make a voice file, please save it here. (Jos nauhoitat puheesi äänitiedostoksi, tallenna se tähän) If there you have problems uploading the file, please send it to your teacher's email.

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