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Course 8, Lesson 1 (5 hours)

The EU, What Is It Really?

Exercise 1.1

Finland has been in the EU for some time now. Yet, the average Finn does not know much about the structure of the decision making in the Union, or about the legislative body (or system). There are MEPs and Commissioners but who does what and where? Your task is to bring some light to the mystery of the EU by explaining the structure of the governing body, i.e. who does what and where and how they got there. Go to the Internet and find out about everything you think is good for all of us to know of the EU. You may use the official home pages of the Union, but naturally all the other available sites are just as good. Then explain in your own words the structure or the composition of the EU as if you were giving a presentation in front of a classful of average Finns or any other Europeans. Add your presentation and the list of the sites you visited to your portfolio.

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