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Course 8, Lesson 2 (3 hours)


Exercise 2.1.

One of the arguments used by those who didn't want Finland to join the EU was that there are so many restrictions in the EU which may make our lives more difficult. They were of course referring to the vast number of directives issued by the EU. But what are directives and how much can they control the way things are done in all the member states? Go to the Internet and find out about the directives; how they are made, what their relationship with the actual laws in each member state are etc. Also, try to find examples of directives that off hand seem silly or unnecessary and list at least five of them, and then try to explain why such directives were given in the first place. Write all this information in your portfolio and remember to add the web sites you have used.

As the second part of this task, you are to study words that have to do with politics, decision making and society in general. Make a list of at least ten new words you have come across when going through the various websites. Then go to Conversation (Keskustelu) and write down your words with their Finnish translations. Check also if someone else has written down new words you haven’t come across and learn them as well.

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