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Course 8, Lesson 3 (2 hours)

(G) Auxiliaries, Pronouns and Nouns/Pronouns with Prepositions

This is the only lesson in course number 8 which actually deals with grammar. This lesson has been constructed much the same way as the grammar lessons in course number 7, i.e. they only consist of exercises. Be extra careful and if you, at the end of the exercise, still have something you don’t get right, you can either check a grammar of your choice (in these Internet based courses or in a book) or you can turn to your teacher for help. At this point you should NOT leave anything unclear - the Exams are closing in on you!!!

Exercise 3.1

Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences.

I up late.
He the course for September, when there are sunny days than in June.
He his mother every day, phone bills are so high.
Computers to be by computer illiterate people.
She to the café, because the meeting cancelled.
If you one of the girls, tell them I would like to see them.
She to the café, because the meeting had already been cancelled.
I up late.
If we to help her, she something to .
I have always loved Charles Dickens; his books may seem boring to .
I to see the match between Finlandand the Czech Republic; there were goals scored in the game.
I sometimes feel lonely; I have friends.
Jill was driving a car, brakes suddenly broke down.
This is the book I told you about.
All you need is love
Now, there is a guy knows what he wants.
Modern banks seem to require people working for them.
They don't have problems, but the one that they don't love .
fact is that going to school may not be easy, but fact is that is may be a lot of fun.
would still like to have cup of coffee before it is time to go home.

Exercise 3.2

Choose the right preposition:

Tim was not capable hurting anyone, but one day he got so fed up his classmates and their ignorance the events in their school that he wrote a complaint the class to the school paper. The effect the students was not the one he had hoped for, rather the opposite. The plan had been to have increase the interest school matters, but the result was that they only showed their dislike school and Tim and they weren't the least curious what really was going on. Tim was astonished what he saw and he felt a bit quilty and ashamed what had happened. He never thought he was superior anyone else in his class, in fact he had great respect his classmates. He was now eager writing a new article to the paper saying that the class in fact was innocent the problems at school and the school should do better correcting the problems it originally had been responsible . The school took this article as an attack its traditions and held the article as an excuse suspending Tim.

Exercise 3.3

This exercise is the one you should add to your portfolio for your teacher to check.

1. Täytyikö teidän todella syödä kaikki ruoka?

2. Kyllä täytyi. Emme saaneet lähteä pöydästä, ennen kuin olimme syöneet kaiken.

3. Pakottiko (make) äitinne teidät syömään myös salaatin?

4. Ei, koska me pidimme siitä. Kuitenkaan emme olisi uskaltaneet sanoa ei, vaikka emme olisi halunneet syödä sitä.

5. Täytyykö minun aina kuunnella, kun sinä saat kertoa lapsuudestasi?

6. Ei sinun tietenkään tarvitse, mutta sitten sinun on parempi hankkia itsellesi uusi kyyti kotiin.

7. On oikeastaan mukava saada kuulla lapsuudestasi. Ei sillä, ettenkö kykenisi toistakin kyytiä saamaan.

8. Pelkäänpä, että sinulla saattaisi olla vaikeuksia saada kyytiä, koska kenenkään muun ei tarvitse ajaa tätä kautta.

9. Tottahan tuokin on. Kuitenkin luulisin myös Lizin ajavan tätä kautta, koska Robert asuu tällä seudulla.

10. No, huomennahan voitkin pyytää kyydin Liziltä!

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