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Course 8, Lesson 4 (3 hours)


Again it is time for some oral practise. Your task is to make a speech of about 10 minutes. You should make your speech into a presentation on a video file, which you should send to your teacher along with the possible additional material such as pictures you would use if giving a presentation to a real audience. There are several programs to make the recording, for example

oceanaudio (an instructional video by Otavan Opisto)


You may also deliver your speech directly to your teacher on the phone or via Skype.

The topic of your presentation should be one of the following:

1.You are visiting a foreign country and you have been asked to explain the different traditions connected to going to the sauna. Prepare and record a presentation called "Sauna - How It Should Be Done". Do not forget the different seasons and holidays in connection with going to the sauna!

2. Prepare and record a presentation called "After the EU and EMU, Are We Still Independent?"

3.You have been asked to talk to a group of Asian investors who have come to your home town. You should introduce your home town to them, not only as a list of places tourists ought to see but also as a variety of opportunities for investment. In other words you should try to "sell" the image of your home town and its investments to your audience. Prepare and record this presentation.

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