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Course 8, Lesson 5 (2 hours)


Exercise 5.1.

Write a composition of 150 - 250 words on one of the following titles. With these “regular” essays you are allowed to use dictionaries and grammar books. Since this is one of the last courses in Upper Secondary English, you should, however, get used to writing your essays by hand instead of merely using your computer. The essays, as well as all the other parts in Matriculation exams are to be handed in hand-written. Therefore, instead of writing your essay and simply adding it in your portfolio is not the way to complete this task. Write your essay by hand and remember that the final version should be neatly written, i.e. there should not be mistakes and their corrected, re-written forms. Send your final version to your teacher (get in touch with your teacher for the address).

1. Racism in Finland.

2. Being the Global Police Force

With all the various crises going on around the world, there has been a tendency of foreign armed forces – be it NATO or anyone else – to get involved. When is it acceptable to intervene and when should the troops be taken out? Should Finns join in the effort to try to stop a genocide if there is one about to happen? Are we right when we try to rid a country of its ruthless dictator?

3. I, a European/ a Scandinavian/ a Finn/ a Karelian/ ...

There are some people who say that people in Europe no longer think of themselves as Germans or French, but rather as Bavarians, Bretagnese, etc. They say the status of the national states is weakening whereas regional thinking is growing stronger. How do you see yourself, which group do you feel you most closely belong to? Choose the title by using the right group and word.

4.Men and women are supposed to be equal in Finland. Everyone has the right to vote, we should all get paid the same for the same job and so on. There are dozens of countries in the world where the situation is not nearly as good as here. However, we sometimes hear that equality between the sexes is still far from reality in our society, too. Are these claims legitimate and if so, what are the weaknesses we still have to work on? Write an article to the editorial page of your local paper and discuss this. Make up your own title.

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