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Course 8, Lesson 8

Modern Society has evolved – or has it?

This lesson consists of two separate tasks. In both cases you are to study a text and write a summary using the language mentioned in the directions.

Exercise 8.1.

Every day we read, see and hear of conflicts around the world. A dictatory regime is fighting its opposition, there are ethnic conflicts, nations are at war, there are civil wars, terrorist attacks etc. It seems the end of World War II did not change anything. The media are full of news of new conflicts. Your task is now to decide which conflict you are going to look into and find an article about it, written in English, on the Internet (CNN or BBC may have good articles for this purpose). You should then read the article and give the main points of it in a summary of about 100 words in Finnish.
Add both the article as well as your summary to your portfolio.

Exercise 8.2.

The Finnish media may sometimes have a slightly different approach to reporting a conflict, especially when it comes to foreign troops intervening. Naturally, this does not happen all the time but there are occasions when a somewhat different approach can be detected. Your task is to find an article on any conflict in the online versions of Finnish major newspapers and magazines (Helsingin Sanomat, Suomen Kuvalehti etc.) and then write a summary of about 100 words on the article in English. When you are doing this, think about whether the article could have been published as such by BBC or CNN. Again you should add both the article as well as your summary to your portfolio.

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