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Course 8, Lesson 9 (11 hours)

Preparation for the Matriculation Exam

Exercise 9.1.

If you have already taken the English test in the matriculation exam, please email your teacher for a different exercise.

You should ask for 3 different reading comprehension + structure tests and 3 different listening comprehension tests of your teacher. It should take you about 2 hours to complete each reading comprehension + structure test and about 1 hour to listen to one listening comprehension test. 

In addition to these tests, you should write a composition on one of the titles in the Matriculation exams. If possible you should choose a title that is based on one of the reading comprehension texts on the exam. When writing a composition like this, you should remember that you are allowed to use the texts in the test but you must not copy complete sentences or long phrases. Dictionaries, grammar books etc. are not allowed either.

The essays, as well as all the other parts in Matriculation exams are to be handed in hand-written. Therefore, instead of writing your essay and simply adding it in your portfolio is not the way to complete this part of the task. Write your essay by hand and remember that the final version should be neatly written, i.e. there should not be mistakes and their corrected, re-written forms. Send your final version to your teacher (get in touch with your teacher for the address).

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