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Lesson 9: What have we done?

Warm up

Exercise 9.1 - What have you learned?

Kirjoita keskustelualueelle 3 tärkeintä asiaa, jotka olet tällä kurssilla oppinut. Millaisia asioita muut ovat oppineet? Voisiko jotain vielä sittenkin kerrata?


The last day together


It is the last day and Jenny has met Craig in the city centre. They have decided to talk about their visits to the city and to the countryside. They go to a restaurant, order some soft drinks and take out their notebooks. They begin writing down the pros and cons of both places.

Jenny: I had so much fun! It has been fun visiting your home and my home. It is great that we live in such different living environments!

Craig: I know! I enjoyed my visit to your home farm and loved your summer cottage. I loved swimming and the sauna. Now, let’s write down the pros and cons of both places.

Jenny: Wait a minute. Did you like the article I sent you? Can we write some useful tips for helping the environment as well?

Craig: Certainly! The article was difficult to understand but really good! I think being environment-friendly is very important at home and when travelling. So yes, let’s write some tips down too.

Photo: Flickr / John Althouse Cohen

This is the list Jenny and Craig wrote on their notebook. Do you agree with their conclusions?

Pros Cons Pros Cons
- close to everything
- you can use public transport
- parks, shops, culture

- people are busy
- too many people
- small apartments
- traffic

- a lot of space
- big houses
- quiet, peaceful
- the nature

- have to have a car
- far from everything
- a lot of work
- taking care of wildlife


Being environment-friendly in your home Being an environment-friendly traveller
- recycle
- use public transport
- use local products
- don't throw garbage on the ground
- be responsible

- conserve the wildlife and local culture of the area
- don't destroy local resources
- respect local nature and the inhabitants
- use public transport
- be responsible

Exercise 9.2 - What would you add to these lists?

What would you add to these lists?

Exercise 9.3 - Perfect tense

Täydennä lauseet vihjeen mukaan perfektimuodoilla.

1. I  never  you before, who are you?

2.  you  TV this week?

3. How many lessons  you  today?

4. They  in a tent!

5. Why  you  such an idiot!

6. When  we ?

7. Matt  me that you like ice cream.

8. Jim and James  their homework!

9. She  a book about dogs.

10.  you a shirt?

Exercise 9.4 - Translate the sentences

Käännä englanniksi seuraavat pluskvamperfektilauseet.

1. Olin nähnyt karhun aiemmin.

2. Olitko syönyt jäätelöä?

3. Englantilaiset eivät olleet luistelleet koskaan aiemmin.

4. Miksi me olimme valinneet tuon elokuvan?

5. Hän oli laulanut paljon.

Exercise 9.5 - Fill in the blanks

Täydennä tekstin aukot vihjeiden perusteella. Valitse oikea vaihtoehto (kaikki aikamuodot).

My friend, John,  Finland last year. He  English. He  surprised because Finland  so beautiful! He  the Finnish sauna, forests and people. He  in a small city with friends. They  him to the countryside where he  cows, pigs and cats. There even was a summer cottage where John  to have a sauna, go for a swim and look at the beautiful lake. After he  back to England, he told all his friends about this trip!

Photo: Flickr / Adrián Pérez

Exercise 9.6 - Tenses

Valitse lauseeseen sopiva verbimuoto (kaikki aikamuodot).

Samantha: How long  together?

Emma: For five years now. We  our first child, Nina, three years ago. And Pete is
now one year old.

Samantha: When  to walk?

Emma: A couple of months ago. He  right now, too! He  everything fast.

Samantha: Is Nina the same?  at the same age?

Emma: No, Nina is much slower. She  sleeping a lot. She is like her dad.

Samantha: I  that! What  Nina’s favourite toys?

Emma: She likes different kinds of dolls the best. She  teddybears the most when she was two. Rabbits are Pete’s favourite toys at the moment.

Exercise 9.7 - Essay


Write 80-100 words about different living environments. Use all the information provided in the texts and exercises of the course. Choose a topic from the list below:

  • Different living environments
  • Living in a city
  • Living in the countryside
  • My ways of protecting the environment
  • The pros and cons of big cities and small towns

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