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Lesson 8: It's time to celebrate

Exercise 8.1 Holidays and celebrations – Video

Watch this video about holidays and celebrations. Then answer the questions below. Click ‘Send’ button to see the correct answers. (Katso video ja vastaa sitten alla oleviin kysymyksiin. Klikkaa Lähetä-painiketta nähdäksesi oikeat vastaukset.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.

Holidays and celebrations


1. What do people do on New Year’s Day?

2. Where can you see the largest and the
most famous carnivals?

3. Mention some French festivals.

4. What do children do on Halloween?

5. What happens on Thanksgiving Day?

6. Who delivers the Christmas presents in Spain?

Photo: Flickr / gnuckx & Heather Franks, CC BY 2.0


Listen to the text and read it out loud. Practice new words by pronouncing them and writing them down. Then do the exercises. (Kuuntele teksti ja lue se ääneen. Harjoittele uudet sanat ääntämällä ja kirjoittamalla ne. Tee sitten tehtävät.)


It’s time to celebrate – Text


It’s Sunday evening. Ryan is on his way to the gym when he meets his neighbour Claire.

Claire: Hi Ryan, how was your week?

Ryan: It was pretty nice. We celebrated Thanksgiving Day at my parents’ house on Thursday. We watched football and parades on TV and ate traditional dishes like turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, cornbread, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie for dessert. We sat nearly three hours at the table just eating and talking.

Claire: That sounds nice.

Ryan: Thanksgiving is actually one of my favourite celebrations. It’s good to stop and think about what you are grateful for. It’s also nice to spend some time with your family every now and then. I don’t see my parents that often although we live in the same city.

Claire: We have family get-togethers nearly every week. I just got an invitation to my cousin’s housewarming party. I have a big family and my relatives love throwing all sorts of parties. In my opinion, it is such a hassle to host a party and there are so many dietary restrictions to consider, too. Both my sisters are vegetarians, my mum is lactose intolerant and my aunt can’t eat gluten.

Ryan: We prefer potlucks with Emily. It’s nice when people bring over different dishes. Our friends are all organized about who brings what and as hosts we don’t really have to do anything.

Claire: That’s a great idea. I’ll try hosting a potluck party next time.

Photo: Flickr / David Goehring, CC BY 2.0



Lesson 8: It's time to celebrate  
a parade kulkue, paraati
traditional perinteinen
a turkey kalkkuna
a stuffing täyte
a gravy kastike
a cranberry karpalo
a cornbread maissileipä
a pumpkin kurpitsa
a pie piirakka
grateful kiitollinen
every now and then silloin tällöin
although vaikka
a get-together illanvietto, kokoontuminen
an invitation kutsu
a housewarming party tupaantuliaiset
to throw tässä: järjestää
a hassle hässäkkä
a dietary restriction ruokarajoite
to consider huomioida, harkita
a vegetarian kasvissyöjä
gluten gluteeni
a potluck nyyttikestit
organized suunnitelmallinen, järjestelmällinen
a host isäntä


Exercise 8.2 It's time to celebrate – Questions

Look at the text one more time and answer the following questions. Write your answers in Finnish. Click ‘Send’ button to see the correct answers. (Vilkaise teksti läpi vielä kerran ja vastaa kysymyksiin. Kirjoita vastaukset suomeksi. Klikkaa Lähetä-painiketta nähdäksesi oikeat vastaukset.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.

1. Mitä Ryan teki perheensä kanssa kiitospäivänä?

2. Miksi kiitospäivä on yksi Ryanin lempijuhlista?

3. Mitä Claire sanoo juhlien järjestämisestä?

4. Mitä ruokarajoitteita Clairen sukulaisilla on?

5. Miksi Ryan ja Emily pitävät nyyttikesteistä?


Exercise 8.3 It's time to celebrate – Vocabulary

Study the vocabulary lists of this lesson and the previous lesson. Check here if you can place the words in the correct sentence. (Opiskele tämän ja edellisen kappaleen sanalistat. Testaa osaatko sijoittaa annetut sanat oikeisiin lauseisiin.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4–10.

grateful consider invitation host get-together celebrate traditional potluck

1. I received an  to my cousin’s 50th birthday party. She wants to  her birthday with her family and friends.

2. My uncle is also turning 50 this month. We are arranging a small  next weekend.

3. I don’t like to  parties. It takes too much time to prepare everything.

4. I love throwing  parties! I’m planning to throw one on Thanksgiving Day this year. You should  throwing one, too.

5. My aunts prepare the food on Thanksgiving Day. They make pumpkin pie and other  dishes.

6. It’s nice to attend parties and spend quality time with family members. I’m very  my grandparents don’t have any serious health problems.

Photo: Flickr / ilkerender, CC BY 2.0


Exercise 8.4 Time and date – Questions

Answer the questions in English. (Vastaa kysymyksiin englanniksi.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4–10.

1. What time do you wake up?

2. What time do you eat lunch?

3. What time do you go to work / school?

4. When will/did we celebrate Midsummer’s Day this year?

5. When will/did we celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

6. When will/did we celebrate All Saints’ Day this year?



Exercise 8.5 My favourite celabration – Oral exercise

Make an audio file and talk about your favourite celebration or festival. It can be a celebration we celebrate in Finland or a celebration in some other country you would like to attend. Tell at least six sentences. For making an audio file, see the instructions. (Tee äänitiedosto, jossa kerrot mieluisimmasta juhlasta. Voit kertoa juhlasta, jota juhlimme Suomessa tai juhlasta jossakin toisessa maassa, johon haluaisit itse osallistua. Kerro vähintään kuusi lausetta. Katso ohjeet äänitiedoston tekemisestä.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4–10.


Save your audio file here:

Photo: Flickr / Eoghann Irving, CC BY NC-SA 2.0

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