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1 Let's Get Going 

Where do people work? Here is a list of some familiar places: 
  •          a shop
  •          a factory
  •          a restaurant
  •          a kitchen
  •          a hospital
  •          a café
  •          a school
  •          a farm
  •          a garage
  •          an office
  •          a department store
  •          a repair shop
  •          an airport
  •          a grocery store
  •          a car dealership
  •          a paper mill
  •          a bank
  •          a gas station
  •          a nursery
  •          a post office 
Practice your pronunciation and say them out loud two or three times. You can use this online dictionary to work on your pronunciation: Pronunciation help

Which prepositions do you use when you talk about your job? When you say where people work, the preposition is in, at or on. For example:

                    in a factory, in an office, in a restaurant, at a post office, on a farm
When you name the company, workplace, or person, you use the preposition for. For example:
                    Chris works for Nokia.
                    Ann works for the City of Los Angeles.
                    Tim works for his uncle.
                    Roger works for a phone company.
When you want to say that someone works in a certain job or a role, you use the preposition as. For example,
Sandy works as a firefighter.
Joanna is working as a personal trainer.
Lee has worked as a web designer for five years.
Kevin worked as a freelancer before he came to work for us.
Allison likes her job as a coach.


Exercise 1.1 List five more places where people work.

 (Luettele viisi muuta työpaikkaa.) Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.                                          

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Exercise 1.2. Where do they work? 

Write six sentences where you tell us where or in what job these people work and four sentences about who they work for. (Kirjoita kuusi virkettä, joissa kerrot missä työpaikassa tai tehtävässä nämä henkilöt ovat ja neljä, joissa kerrot kenen palveluksessa he ovat. Valmiita vastauksia ei ole, eli käytä mielikuvitustasi!) Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla (4-10).
1. Harry       
2. Lisa         
3. Vicky        
4. Jeff           
5. Donny      
6. Jackie      
7. Brad         
8. Alice         
9. Ben          


Exercise 1.3 Jobs

What jobs can you name in English? List at least five of them below. (Mitä muita töitä osaat sanoa englanniksi. Kirjoita vähintään viisi tähän.) Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.

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