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3 What Do You Do?

First, read and listen to the dialogue. Study the vocabulary and then do the exercises.

(Lue ja kuuntele dialogi ensi. Opiskele sanasto ja tee sitten tehtävät.)


Henry is 21 years old and lives in Finland. His friend Tom lives in the USA. Henry has just completed his military service and has traveled to see Tom. Both have been invited to a birthday party.
Henry: Tom, would you tell me something about the people who are going to be at the party. It would be nice to know a bit about them.
Tom: Sure. There’s Tina. She is a lab technician. Her husband’s name is Jack and he works for a building maintenance company. He is an electrician. Amy and her sister Andrea run a small café and catering service. The party will be at their place. It is called The Corner Café. Let’s see - Ryan is a student. He will graduate soon if he can get his on-the-job training completed. Steven is Ryan’s brother and all he wants to do is fix cars. If I had a problem with my car, I would call him first. That guy is so skilled! He can fix anything. If I didn’t know him, I would not have anything left of my salary.
Henry: Maybe I could ask him about a problem I have with my car. I ride my bike a lot or take the bus.
Tom: I like riding a bike, too, but I have to drive to work. My commute doesn’t take that long, just about 25 minutes. When I lived in New York, I took a train or the subway. It made my work day long.  



complete - suorittaa loppuun, saada valmiiksi; täydellinen, valmis
military service - varusmiespalvelus
invite - kutsua; kutsu
lab technician - laboratorioteknikko
maintenance - kunnossapito, huolto
electrician - sähköasentaja
run a company - pitää, pyörittää firmaa / yritystä
graduate - valmistua, suorittaa tutkinto, saada todistus
on-the-job training - työharjoittelu
skilled - taitava, ammattitaitoinen
salary - kuukausipalkka
commute - työmatka; kulkea töihin
Read the text out loud and practice your pronunciation. Look at the text again. How would you translate the if-sentences and conditionals? Pay attention to the tense!
(Lue teksti ääneen ja harjoittele ääntämistäsi. Katso tekstiä uudelleen. Miten kääntäisit ehtolauseet ja konditionaalit? Kiinnitä huomiota aikamuotoihin!)

Can you answer these questions? What do you know about Henry? Who is Tom? What does Ryan do? What does Tom say about Steven?


 Exercise 3.1 Name That Job!

What jobs were listed in the text? Learn those and practice saying them out loud. Next, in Lesson 1 you saw a list of places of employment and you wrote some down yourself. What jobs do people have in those places? Choose some places and name at least 15 jobs.
(Mitä työtehtäviä/ammatteja mainittiin tekstissä? Opettele ja harjoittele lausumaan ne ääneen. Palaa kappaleen 1 listaan eri työpaikoista ja omaan listaasi sen kappaleen tehtävässä. Mitä ammattinimikkeitä työntekijöillä on noissa työpaikoissa? Valitse listalta työpaikkoja ja nimeä ainakin 15 työtehtävää.) Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.
For example, a hospital – a doctor, a nurse, a secretary

 Photo by RajivShah


Exercise 3.2 Match the Job!

Who does what? Match the jobs and the people. (Kuka tekee mitä? Yhdistä työ ja tekijä.) Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.


1. make lunch A. police officer
2. fix cars B. firefighter
3. serve customers C. chef
4. sell flowers D. nurse
5. help sick people E. florist
6. cut hair F. farmer
7. grow potatoes G. waiter
8. put out fires H. mechanic
9. give speeding tickets I. hairdresser
10. take pictures J. photographer

                                                                  Photo by Bill Barber  


Exercise 3.3 Job Descriptions

Here are links to four job profiles. Click on the link, read through the profiles and then answer the questions. (Alla on linkit neljään työnkuvaan. Lue kuvaukset ja vastaa kysymyksiin.) Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla (4-10).
Career profile 1 – Mona
  1. What job does Mona have?
  2. Where does Mona work?
  3. What tasks does Mona’s job include?
Career profile 2 – Tim
  1. What machines does Tim operate?
  2. What does Tim do with those machines?
Career profile 3 – Al 
  1. What is Al’s line of work?
  2. What duties does Al perform?
  3. What can you tell about Al’s work schedule?
Career profile 4 – Tom
  1. Who does Tom work for?
  2. What does Tom talk about with customers?


Write all your answers here in English. Use your own words!


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