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4 All Kinds of Jobs

Read and listen to the dialogue. If you feel like there are many new words, study them first. Practice your pronunciation. Then do the exercises. (Lue ja kuuntele dialogi. jos uusia sanoja tuntuu olevan paljon, opettele ensin sanasto. Tee sitten tehtävät.)

Henry and Tom are on their way to the party and they talk about some other guests who might be there.
Henry: Who else will attend the party?
Tom: I am not sure but I would think that David and Beth have been invited, too. You would really like them. Beth works in the human resources department of our company. She is in charge of payroll and employee benefits. She and her husband David were teachers at a vocational school but both resigned. He builds houses now. He established a company with two other guys. Some houses near here were built by them.
Henry: It sounds like you know many entrepreneurs. 
Tom: Not really. Nearly everyone I know works for someone else. My brother Rick works in a factory that manufactures high-tech components. He is so proud of himself because he was given a promotion and a raise last month. He works as a supervisor now – middle management, you know. It’s a good job and the wages are good but you work in shifts. He doesn’t mind because he can sometimes work an extra shift. You can make much more money if you work nights and weekends.
Henry: What do your sisters do?
Tom: Sharon has had all sorts of jobs because she worked for a temp agency for a few years. Car rental companies, hotel receptions, small offices… places like that. Now she has decided to go back to school and get a business degree. She never liked school before but now she feels motivated. Rebecca is a nurse. She is always taking courses to keep current. Now she wants to specialize in some new field. Her boyfriend has an interesting job: he is an air traffic controller.
Henry: I wouldn’t want that job even if I was paid a thousand dollars a day. It’s too stressful.
Tom: What are you going to do? I haven’t heard you say anything about your career plans.
Henry: I don’t know for sure. I like to do all kinds of things but not for a living. I guess I should study something.

guest - vieras, vierailija
attend - osallistua, olla paikalla
department - osasto
human resources department - henkilöstöosasto
be in charge of - vastata, olla vastuussa
payroll - palkat, palkanlaskenta
employee - työntekijä
benefits - etuudet
vocational school - ammattikoulu, ammattioppilaitos
resign - erota, irtisanoutua
establish - perustaa
entrepreneur - yrittäjä
manufacture - valmistaa, tuottaa teollisesti
component - osa, komponentti
proud - ylpeä
promotion - ylennys
raise - korotus, palkankorotus; korottaa, nostaa
supervisor - työnjohtaja
middle management - keskitason johto
management - työnjohto, liikkeenjohto
wages - palkka, tuntipalkka
work in shifts - tehdä vuorotyötä
mind - välittää, ottaa huomioon
temp agency - vuokratyönvälitysfirma
car rental - autonvuokraus
reception - vastaanotto
decide - päättää
degree - tutkinto, aste
motivated - motivoitunut
keep current - pysyä ajan tasalla
specialize - erikoistua
field - ala, kenttä
air traffic controller - lennonjohtaja
stressful - stressaava
career plan - urasuunnitelma


That is a long list of words. You learn words if you use them. Say them out loud and practice writing them, too! (Sanalista on pitkä. Sanat oppii, kun niitä käyttää. Äännä sanat, ja opettele myös kirjoitamaan ne!)

Look at the text again. What does Beth do? What did you find out about Tom's brother's job? What do Tom's sisters do?


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Exercise 4.1 Review - Conditional Sentences 

Let's review conditional sentences. Watch these three instructional video clips. (Kerrataan ehtolauseet. Katsele kolme opetusvideota.)

Present conditional

Past conditional

Future conditional 

What did you learn? Write your answer below. You saw some examples in those video clips. Now write down one example sentence from each video clip. (Mitä opit? Kirjoita vastauksesi. Videoilla näit esimerkkilauseita. Kirjoita tähän myös niitä yksi joka videolta.) Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.


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Exercise 4.2 Translate - Passive

Let's practice the words on the word list below the dialogue. Translate the eight sentences below into English. Keep in mind the word order in the passive!

(Harjoitellaan sanalistalla annettuja sanoja. Käännä allaolevat kahdeksan virkettä englanniksi. Muista passiivin sanajärjestys!) Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla (4-10).


1. Ravintola perustettiin vuonna 1962.

2. Kaikille työntekijöille annettiin pieni palkankorotus.

3. Alice ja Richard ylennetään ensi kuussa.

4. Sairaanhoitajat käyvät näitä kursseja.

5. Juhliin kutsuttiin monia yrittäjiä.

6. Työpaikkahakemukset lähetettiin henkilöstöosastolle.

7. Ottawaan perustetaan uusi autonvuokrausfirma ensi vuonna.

8. Tehtaassamme valmistetaan korkean teknologian komponentteja.




Exercise 4.3 People at Work

Go to this online site Dr Kit. Choose one or more career fields and watch 4 video clips - or you can go directly to YouTube, use drkit.org as your search word and watch the videos there. After viewing each video profile, answer the questions below.  (Mene nettisivustolle. Valitse yksi tai useampi ammattiala ja katso 4 videota. Samat videot löytyvät myös YouTube:sta hakusanalla drkit.org.  Katsele neljän ammatin kuvaukset, ja vastaa allaoleviin kysymyksiin.)
  • What is the job called?
  • What kind of education do you need to do the job? 
  • What do they do in a typical day?
  • What are the best and worst parts of this job?
  • Would you like this job? Why?


Start your paragraphs Video clip 1,  Video clip 2,  Video clip 3  and Video clip 4. (Vastauksessasi aloita kappaleet numeroimalla videot.) Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla (4-10).


4.4 Vocabulary - Jobs

Place these words in the correct sentence. (Sijoita annetut sanat oikeaan virkkeeseen.) Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.


supervisor / career plan / entrepreneur / work in shifts / vocational school / payroll / keep current / resign / car rental / motivated


  1. When you think of where you will work in the future, you are making a .
  2. You take courses to  so that you can do things in a modern way when you work.
  3. You can get a lot done when you are .
  4. On holiday, many people use the services of a  company.
  5. You are an  when you have your own business.
  6. When you quit your job you .
  7. People usually  at paper mills.
  8. If you want to become a carpenter, you go to a .
  9. You might write work schedules if you are a .
  10. Contact  about your wages.


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