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5 Hours and Wages


Here you will continue to build your vocabulary. You may want to glance at the word list first. Then listen to the dialogue, read it, and do the exercises. Don't forget to write about your learning in your learner diary! (Jatketaan sanavaraston rakentamista. Kannattaa ehkä vilkaista ensin sanalistaa. Kuuntele ja lue sitten teksti ja tee tehtävät. Muista kirjoittaa oppimisestasi oppimispäiväkirjaan!)


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Henry and Tom had a very nice time at the birthday party. People talked about their jobs a lot.
Henry: That was fun. You know many interesting people. It also sounds like they all like their jobs.
Tom: I agree. Did you get any good career advice?
Henry: Maybe. Beth would like to see me during her lunch break tomorrow if we don’t have anything else on the calendar. She is interested in the Finnish education system. I need to get online and check some words. What will you do tomorrow?
Tom: I should get to work by 7:30 because there is a staff meeting at 8 a.m. – we have those weekly. Some phone calls need to be returned and a few orders need to be placed. If I work hard, I should get that done by lunchtime. I also need to book my flights. I will go on a business trip in two weeks. In the afternoon I will meet with some clients. A travel expense report needs to be completed, too. If we want to go to a game tomorrow evening, I could get the tickets online. We have flextime so I could leave work early. You should really come and see my workplace. I would love to show you around.
Henry: That sounds good. Now, do you get a regular salary or hourly wages?
Tom: I get a monthly salary but some of my income is commission-based. If the employer has a good year, all employees are paid a bonus. This is a good system for me. But I think I pay a lot in taxes!
Henry: How did you get your job?
Tom: The position was posted online and in the newspaper. There were several vacancies but I really liked this one. The job location was good and the job description sounded interesting. I wanted to work for an international company and have a multicultural work environment. I had the qualifications and the education that they wanted so I was confident that I could perform the duties. So I filled in the online application form, wrote a cover letter and sent those via email to the human resources department. I was invited to a job interview. There I was asked all sorts of questions about my education, work experience, language skills and team work skills, how I get along with workmates, what my salary expectations are... A week later I was offered this job. Before the job contract was signed, I had to take a drug test. Our company has a zero tolerance policy. 
Henry: I have been to three job interviews and have only been asked about my work experience and school certificates. They have lasted maybe ten minutes. If I had to go to an interview, I wouldn’t know what to say or how to behave. Situations like that make me nervous. I have no idea how much I should get paid, and I don’t know how to write a CV or a cover letter.
Tom: That is okay. Let’s get online and check some websites. We will find all sorts of materials there.
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career - ura
advice - neuvot
lunch break - lounastauko
education - koulutus, opetus
staff - henkilökunta
staff meeting - henkilöstökokous
return - palauttaa, palata; palautus, paluu
return a phone call - soittaa takaisin
order - tilata, tilaus
place an order - tilata, tehdä tilaus
lunchtime - lounasaika, ruokatunti
book a flight - varata lento
business trip - työmatka
client - asiakas
report - raportti, raportoida
expense - kulu
travel expense report - matkalasku
flextime (flexitime) - liukuva työaika
show around - näyttää/ esitellä paikkoja
regular - säännöllinen
hourly - tunti-, tuntikohtainen
monthly - kuukausi-,
income - tulot ( HUOM! monikko)
commission-based - provisiopohjainen
employer - työnantaja
employee - työntekijä
tax - vero
pay taxes - maksaa veroja
position - paikka, asema, virka, toimi
post - julkaista, ilmoittaa; toimi, virka
vacancy - avoin työpaikka; vapaa huone
job location - työpaikan sijainti
job description - työnkuva, toimenkuva
multicultural - monikulttuurinen
work environment - työympäristö
qualifications - pätevyys
confident - luottavainen, varma, toiveikas
perform - suorittaa, esittää
duty - tehtävä, velvollisuus, toimi; vero
fill in - täyttää; toimia sijaisena
application - hakemus
form - lomake
cover letter - saatekirje
get along - tulla toimeen
workmate - työkaveri
salary expectation - palkkatoivomus
offer - tarjota; tarjous
job contract - työsopimus
zero tolerance - nollatoleranssi
policy - käytäntö, menettelytapa, toimintaperiaate, politiikka,
job interview - työpaikkahaastattelu
work experience - työkokemus
school certificate - koulutodistus, tutkintotodistus
last - kestää; viimeinen
behave - käyttäytyä
situation - tilanne
nervous - hermostunut
CV - Curriculum Vitae - ansioluettelo
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Read the text again: What will Tom's day be like? Why did Tom want the job? What test did he have to take before they signed the contract? What kind of job interviews has Henry had?

Practice your pronunciation and say the words and read the text out loud a few times. Look at the text again. Can you identify the sentences in the passive? (Harjoittele ääntämistä ja sano sanat ja lue teksti ääneen muutamaan kertaan. Tarkastele tekstiä uudelleen. Tunnistatko passiivilauseet?)


Exercise 5.1 Vocabulary - Work

There are many important words for you to learn in this lesson. Study the vocabulary list carefully and then check here if you can match the words correctly. (Tässä kappaleessa on paljon tärkeitä opittavia sanoja. Opiskele sanalistan sanat ja tarkista osaamisesi yhdistämistehtävässä.) Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K. 

1. application A. kulu
2. staff B. neuvot
3. form C. työnantaja
4. client D. säännöllinen
5. advice E. lomake
6. employee F. tarjota
7. offer G. asiakas
8. expense H. hakemus
9. order I. tilaus
10. regular J. pätevyys
11. employer K. henkilökunta
12. duty L. tehtävä
13. confident M. luottavainen
14. qualifications N. työntekijä
15. income O. tulot

 Photo by Steve Wampler


Exercise 5.2 What is a CV?

What indeed is a CV? It is a list of facts about you, your work history and skills.
Go to this Directgov-website to learn more about CVs.

Now write your own CV in English. Use the two example CV templates at the bottom of the website as your model.

(Mikä CV oikeastaan on? Siinä luetellaan henkilötietoja, työhistoria ja taidot. Mene nettisivustolle oppimaan lisää aiheesta. Kirjoita sitten englanniksi oma CV. Käytä nettisivuston alalaidassa olevia esimerkkejä mallinasi.) Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla (4-10).

Submit your CV here:



Exercise 5.3 Career profiles

Watch 6 career video profiles at the careeronestop website
Write a composition of 80-120 words in English about what you watched.
(Katsele nettisivustolta kuusi ammatinkuvausta. Kirjoita sitten 80-120 sanan aine siitä, mitä katselit.) Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla (4-10).


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