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7 Let Me Show You Around

Here you will practice your listening and speaking skills. Listen to the text first, read it and study the words. (Tässä kappaleessa harjoittelet kuullunymmärrystä ja puhumista. Kuuntele teksti ensin, lue se, ja opiskele sanat.)


In the late afternoon Henry meets Tom at the main entrance of his office.
Tom: Welcome! I would like to give you a quick tour of the building. As you know, this is the main entrance. All visitors have to come in through these doors, sign in and get a visitor pass at the reception. Here on the first floor we have a cafeteria and a small gym, showers and dressing rooms. Everyone has a locker there. Lunch is served between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. but you can get snacks there all day. There are also some vending machines in the hallway. There are public restrooms in the same hallway. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building. Let’s take the elevator to the third floor.
Henry: You go first!
Tom: The upper management has their offices up here. There are also some meeting rooms here. All staff meetings and sales meetings are held here. The staircase to the second floor is down the hall. Can you see the EXIT sign? Let’s go that way because my office is at that end of the building.
Henry: This is very nice.
Tom: Now we are on the second floor. Here is the break room. Two or three days a week I bring a sack lunch, keep it in this refrigerator and just heat it in the microwave. We have a coffee maker and a teapot here, too. It’s no one’s job to make coffee or tea so my coworkers and I take turns. All clean up after themselves. Here is my office. As you can see, it is a regular office: my desk, some chairs, a computer, piles of paper, file cabinets and shelves. I spend about a half of my workday here.
Henry: I’m impressed. I am sure you had a busy day but did you remember to get our tickets for the game?
Tom: Of course! Before we leave, I’d like you to meet some of my colleagues. We have a few minutes.
main entrance - pääsisäänkäynti
visitor - vierailija
sign in - ilmoittautua, kirjautua
visitor pass - vierailulupa, kulkulupa
floor - kerros, lattia
cafeteria - ruokala
dressing room - pukuhuone
locker - lokerikko
vending machines - virvoke-/makeis-/kahviautomaatti
public restroom - yleisöwc
allow - sallia, antaa lupa
upper - ylempi
sales - myynti
break room - taukohuone
sack lunch - eväät
coworker - työtoveri
take turns - vuorotella
file cabinet - arkistokaappi
colleague - kolleega
Read the text. What did you find out about Tom's workplace?
In addition, look at the grammar in the text. Can you identify the passives and the conditionals? (Tarkastele myös kappaleen kielioppia. Tunnistatko passiivit ja konditionaalit?)

You can practice passives at the following Englishpractise -page (these pages give the correct answers):

Active - passive exercise 1

Active - passive exercise 2


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Exercise 7.1 My Workplace 

Make an audio file and describe your workplace in English. If you are not working now, describe a place where you worked in the past (in the past tense) or your dream workplace (use future tense). You can find the instructions for making an audio file under the course instructions.

(Tee äänitiedosto, jolla kuvailet työpaikkaasi englanniksi. Jos et ole tällä hetkellä töissä, kerro entisestä työpaikastasi (imperfektissä) tai kuvaile unelmien työpaikkasi (futuurissa). Ohjeet äänitiedoston tekemiseen löytyvät kussin ohjeista.) Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla (4-10).

Save your audio file(s) here:


  Photo by Ed Schipul


Exercise 7.2 Meet Bob!

Bob will talk about his job for a few minutes. Watch, listen, and answer the questions below. (Tällä videolla Bob kertoo lyhyesti työstään- Katsele, kuuntele ja vastaa kysymyksiin.) Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla (4-10).

Bob Woolgar

  1. Who is the best person to do the job?
  2. What jobs did Bob Woolgar do before his current job?
  3. How long has he worked for the Environment Agency?
  4. What advice doe Bob have for you if are interested in these jobs?
  5. What does he say about the pay?

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