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5 At the Doctor's Office

Listen to the text and read it out loud yourself. Remember to practice the pronunciation of whole sentences / turns, too!

(Kuuntele teksti ja lue se ääneen. Muista harjoitella myös kokonaisten virkkeiden / puheenvuorojen ääntämistä!) 


The next morning Cindy drives to the Lakeview Health Clinic, which is very close to their house. She sees Jennie, who is her best friend, sitting in the waiting room.

Cindy: Hello, Jennie! Why are you here?
Jennie: Hi, Cindy! Mrs. Duncan, who lives next door, fell in her yard this morning. She said she was dizzy and her head hurt. She might have broken her wrist, too.
Cindy: Poor Mrs. D! She is such a nice lady and as sweet as can be.
Jennie: And why are you here?
Cindy: My cough is worse, and I think I am also getting an ear infection. Carl and I had the most awful cold last week.
Jennie: Jim had that, too. I’m glad I don’t catch a cold easily. But if there is a stomach flu going around…
Cindy: Ugh! Don’t even mention that! I just don’t want to think about vomiting…

Dr. Johnson, who has been Cindy’s doctor for a long time, checks her ears and listens to her chest very carefully. Then she writes a prescription for some cough medicine and eardrops. She also tells Cindy to stay at home and rest for three days because she is running a low temperature. As usual, Dr. Johnson asks Cindy if she gets enough exercise and suggests that she should watch her diet. This time Cindy decides to listen to her doctor better and do something about her lack of exercise. She also decides to talk to Carl about it as well as about eating lighter.

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office – toimisto, toimipiste
waiting room – odotushuone
next door – naapurissa, naapurin
yard – piha; jaardi
be / feel dizzy – pyörryttää, huimata
break – katkaista, murtaa, taittaa, murtuma, tauko
wrist – ranne
infection – tulehdus
awful – kamala, hirveä
catch a cold – vilustua
stomach – vatsa, maha
stomach flu – vatsatauti, mahatauti
going around – olla liikkeellä, kiertää
vomit – oksentaa, oksennus
chest – rintakehä
prescription ­– lääkemääräys, resepti
cough medicine – yskänlääke
ear drops – korvatipat
rest – levätä, lepo; muut
temperature – kuume, lämpötila
run a temperature – olla kuumetta
as usual – kuten tavallista
enough – tarpeeksi, riittävästi
suggest – ehdottaa
watch – tarkkailla, seurata, katsella
diet – ruokavalio
decide – päättää
lack – puute, puuttua  



Exercise 5.1

At the Doctor's Office - Grammar Exercise

There are two parts to this exercise. Firstly, look at the text At the Doctor's Office one more time and find the adjectives and adverbs. Pick 5 of them and then write down the two other forms so that you will have all three forms of each adjective or adverb, the positive (the basic form), the comparative and the superlative. Secondly, find two examples of relative pronouns. Explain why a certain relative pronoun was used in that context. Write your answers below.

(Tässä tehtävässä on kaksi osaa. Vilkaise ensiksi tekstiä, ja etsi siitä adjektiivit ja adverbit. Valitse niistä kuusi ja lisää puuttuvat muodot siten, että sinulla on jokaisesta perusmuoto, komparatiivi ja superlatiivi. Toiseksi, etsi tekstistä kaksi esimerkkiä relatiivipronomineista. Selitä, miksi tiettyä relatiivipronominia käytetään juuri siinä yhteydessä. Kirjoita vastauksesi alle.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.

Positive                                     Comparative                          Superlative






Relative pronouns:



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Exercise 5.2

At the Doctor's Office - Text Review

Look at the text again. What can you find out about Mrs. Duncan? What about Dr, Johnson? Use your own words when you write your answer below. (Vastaa omin sanoin tekstin perusteella annettuihin kahteen kysymykseen.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.

Exercise 5.3

At the Doctor's Office - Fill in

Let's see what you have learned so far! Fill in with appropriate adjectives, adverbs and relative pronouns. (Katsotaan, mitä olet oppinut tähän mennessä.Täydennä teksti sopivilla ajektiiveilla, adverbeilla ja relatiivipronomineilla.) 
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.

 - Is PrimeHealth’s health clinic  the   office  is next to the grocery store?

- It is about  that one is, but it takes   to get there. The traffic lights,  have been out of order all day, really make driving . Today I tried to get to that  parking lot, which is just behind fountain in the city, but the cars were coming so that I could not get across. That is street to cross in this neighbourhood.

- That fountain is lit than most fountains around here. I know that the sculptor designed it acted  when he heard about that  location. Anyway, I need to visit the clinic today and have my blood pressure checked. It has been running too . The nurses and doctors work there are about  health care professionals  I have ever met. They always talk to everyone so . I just wish they didn't take forever - and the paperwork, I find quite , drives me . They need  computers.
- Do you think they have doctors there?
- Maybe. The  man, name I cannot remember now, is on a sick leave himself. He broke his arm skiing. That does not make a vacation too , does it?
- No, it does not. However, the  addition there is a  surgeon, makes him  the others.
- My appointment is in 20 minutes so I have to rush now. I do not want to be .
- Drive !   than never!

Exercise 5.4


Comparatives and superlatives - Translate

Translate the sentences into English. (Käännä lauseet englanniksi.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.

1. Richardin vatsatauti oli pahempi kuin Johnin.

2. Susanin hampaat ovat valkoisemmat kuin Lisan.

3. Mikä yskänlääke on paras?

4. Nämä korvatipat ovat halvemmat.

5. Olen yhtä sairas tänään kuin eilenkin.

6. Cindy vilustuu helpommin kuin Jennie.

7. Richard kuntoilee enemmän kuin Susan.

8. John kuntoilee meistä vähiten.




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