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7 At the Pharmacy

Let's work on building your vocabulary again!

 Listen to the text and read!
(Laajennetaan jälleen sanavarastoasi. Kuuntele ja lue!)



There is a long line at the pharmacy. Cindy gets her number and waits patiently. The line moves quicker than she expected, and soon it is her turn.

Cindy: I have a question about a cough medicine.
Pharmacist: Do you have a prescription or is it an OTC medicine.
Cindy: Sorry, what does OTC mean?
Pharmacist: Over the counter – you don’t need a prescription to get it.
Cindy: Of course! Okay, I have a prescription here. Is there a generic cough syrup that is cheaper than this one? I’d also like to know what the possible side effects are.
Pharmacist: Sure. Some people might get a bit nauseated so don’t take it on an empty stomach. Let’s see what the package leaflet says about the side effects…

Photo by Indiana Stan


When Cindy has paid for her medicines, which were not as expensive as she thought they would be, she runs into Jennie’s husband, Jim.

Jim: Hi, Cindy! What’s up?
Cindy: Oh, just getting some cough medicine and ear drops. That cold just doesn’t want to go away! And you?
Jim: Oh, I’m much better, thanks. I’m picking up some necessary supplies for our team’s First Aid Kit. You know, adhesive bandages, tape, some antibiotic cream and antiseptic solution, something for pain… I hope I’ll remember everything I must get – and my allergy medicine!
Cindy: Didn’t you write a shopping list?
Jim: Yes, I did but I left it somewhere. I’m absolutely the worst… I think I’m allergic to lists, too.



pharmacy – apteekki
patiently – kärsivällisesti
expect – odottaa, olettaa
turn – vuoro, käännös, kääntyä
cough medicine – yskänlääke
prescription medicine - reseptilääke
OTC – Over the Counter – käsikauppa-
generic – geneerinen, yleis-
syrup – siirappi
possible – mahdollinen
side effect – sivuvaikutus
nauseated – pahoinvoiva
package leaflet – pakkausseloste
expensive – kallis
run into someone – törmätä, tavata sattumalta
necessary – tarpeellinen 
supplies – tarvikkeet, varusteet
First Aid Kit - ensiapulaukku
adhesive bandage – laastari
tape – teippi, teipata
antibiotic cream – antibioottinen voide
antiseptic solution – antiseptinen liuos
pain – kipu, särky, tuska
allergy – allergia
absolutely - ehdottomasti
the worst (bad – worse – the worst) – huonoin, pahin,
be allergic to – olla allerginen jollekin


Exercise 7.1

Package Leaflets - Translate

Here are some words and expressions you often see on package leaflets inside medicine packages, on container labels and in prescriptions. Translate them into Finnish. (Alla on lueteltu sanoja ja ilmauksia, joita näkee usein lääkkeiden pakkausselosteissa, pakkauksissa ja resepteissä. Käännä ne suomeksi.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.

shake well                       
take with food                  
once a day                       
twice a day                      
every 6 hours                   
May cause drowsiness or dizziness.       
Do not use after expiry date.                 
Keep out of reach of children.                
Avoid contact with eyes.                        
Do not drive or operate machinery.        
Store at room temperature.                    
Once opened use within 10 days.           

Photo by bcostin


Exercise 7.2

Knowing First Aid - Reading Comprehension

Look at the First Aid instructions on this webpage by the Finnish Red Cross: 

Learn First Aid

Go through each section: 

  • how to call for help
  • how to resuscitate
  • how to help an unconscious person
  • how to stop bleeding.
Have you ever called the emergency number 112 or performed CPR on anyone? Can you or could you help others in an emergency? Write about it here in English:

(Tutustu ensiapuohjeisiin Suomen Punaisen Ristin nettisivuilla. Käy läpi neljä osiota: miten soitetaan apua, miten elvytetään, miten autetaan tajutonta ja miten tyrehdytetään verenvuoto. Oletko sinä koskaan soittanut hätänumeroon tai elvyttänyt ketään. Osaisitko auttaa toisia hätätilanteessa. Kirjoita siitä tähän englanniksi:)
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.


Exercise 7.3 

Calling for Help - Writing

It is Sunday afternoon. You are walking down the street when you see a young man fall on his motorbike. You decide you need to call the emergency number. Based on what you learned above, what kind of information do you need to give over the phone? Write your answer below in English. (On sunnuntai-iltapäivä. Kävelet kadulla ja näet nuoren miehen kaatuvan moottoripyörällään. Päätät soittaa hätänumeroon. Millaisia tietoja sinun pitää antaa puhelimessa yllä lukemasi perusteella? Kirjoita vastauksesi tähän englanniksi.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.

                                                                                           Photo by Ian Fuller


Exercise 7.4

Knowing First Aid - Vocabulary

Match the words listed below. (Yhdistä oikeat vaihtoehdot.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.

1. airways A. paine
2. alternate B. asento
3. arrive C. ohjeet
4. breastbone D. rintalasta
5. check E. väsyä
6. compression F. painallus
7. exhaust G. haava
8. injured H. loukkaantunut
9. instructions I. tarkistaa
10. pinch J. nipistää kiinni
11. position K. elvyttää
12. pressure L. hengitystiet
13. resuscitate M. vuorotella
14. shake N. kallistaa
15. tilt O. ravistella
16. wound P. saapua

Exercise 7.5

Relative pronouns - Fill in

Fill in with appropriate relative pronouns. (Täydennä teksti sopivilla relatiivipronomineilla.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.

Mr. Jackson, lives next door, was very sick last year. His daughter took care of him for three months, was nice. His wife, brother is married to my cousin, could not manage without help. All she could do was the cooking and the washing up. The meals she cooked were delicious but Mr. Jackson was often too tired to eat. That old man, we used to call Big Mac Jackson, lost a lot of weight. Now he is skinny, makes his wife and daughter happy. All three walk in the park is located in Maple Street. That park has some nice paths lead to a big pond. There are some boats you can use for free there. The Jacksons, never went walking before, really like the park. Their nice old car, you can see in their yard, is not used much these days but they go out on those new bikes you can see by the garage.

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