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8 It's a Madhouse!

Let's  listen, read and learn!


When Cindy finally gets home, she takes the first dosage of her cough syrup, which doesn’t taste too good, and puts some drops in her ears that still ache. Then she does as the doctor ordered and goes to bed. She feels sick as a dog again and just wants to sleep. The phone rings.

Carl: Hi, honey! Are you feeling any better? This has been the craziest day here! It’s a madhouse! First, the boss called and said his child was sick and he was taking her to the ER. Then our secretary had an appointment to see a surgeon about her knee, which she injured playing basketball. It looked very painful. She will have surgery soon. My supervisor, who is never sick, vomited in the bathroom. I bet he is a horrible patient! Luckily, his wife is a nurse. Anyway, now I have to go see a dentist because I just lost a filling! That’s the last thing I want to do today! Do you have his phone number?
Cindy: I have it somewhere, but you will find it much faster in the phone book. Look in the Yellow Pages. It is Lakeview something…
Carl: I will. I hope I can get in today. Maybe someone has cancelled.
Cindy: Good luck with that. And remember, “Open wide!” Bye! 


madhouse - hullujenhuone
finally – lopulta, viimein, vihdoinkin, lopuksi
dosage – annostus
taste – maku, maistaa
ache – särky, kipu, särkeä
order – määrätä, käskeä, tilata, järjestää, määräys, käsky, tilaus, järjestys
ER – Emergency Room – ensiapupoliklinikka
surgeon – kirurgi
knee – polvi, polvistua
injure – loukata, satuttaa
painful – kipeä, tuskallinen
surgery – leikkaus, vastaanotto
supervisor – työnjohtaja
patient – potilas
dentist - hammaslääkäri
filling – paikka, täyte
get in – pasta, saada aika
cancel – peruuttaa, perua, purkaa   
                    Photo by bfurlong



Exercise 8.1

It's a Madhouse - Text Review 

Look at the text and answer these three questions in your own words:

What happened to Carl? What is he going to do about it? How is Cindy doing?
Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.


Exercise 8.2

Brushing and Flossing - Listening and Reading Comprehension

Watch and listen to the presentation on How to Brush Your Teeth on the American Dental Association website at http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/Home-MouthHealthy/az-topics/b/brushing-your-teeth (Katsele ja kuuntele esitys hampaiden harjaamisesta.)

What is important in brushing your teeth? Mention three things in your own words. (Mikä on tärkeää hampaiden harjaamisessa? Mainitse kolme asiaa omin sanoin.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.


                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo by jessicafm


Exercise 8.3

Brushing and Flossing - Vocabulary

Make a recording of yourself pronouncing these words you heard used at the website and save the sound file in the box below. Then translate them into Finnish. (Äännä annetut, nettisivustolla kuulemasi sanat, ja tallenna ne äänitiedostoksi omalle koneellesi. Tallenna tiedosto sen jälkeen Muikkuun. Käännä ne sitten suomeksi.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.

tooth decay
(to) place (verb)
(to) wind (verb)

Write the translations below. (Kirjoita suomennokset tänne.)


                                                                                           Photo by Muffet


Exercise 8.4

It's a Madhouse - Grammar

Write 6 sentences where you use relative pronouns. Here are six words from the text you need to use in your sentences. (Kirjoita 6 virkettä, joissa käytät relatiivipronomineja. Käytä tekstistä poimittuja sanoja virkkeissä.)
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.

1. dentist


2. surgeon


3. patient

4. ER


5. ache

6. filling

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