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Lesson 4 - A Country to My Liking

You have already taken a look at Finland and some English-speaking countries and their lifestyles in the previous lessons. Now it’s your turn to introduce a country and the lifestyle that people who live there enjoy. You should include some basic information about the country in your report but the focus needs to be on the lifestyle of that particular nation.

First, choose a country and search for some information on it online. It cannot be one of these: Finland, the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. Use materials written in English. The minimum number of sources you need to use is four.
Second, write a report on the country.
Third, post a link to some online video material or pictures of the country in the Course Conversation. Write the name of the country as the subject of your post.

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Exercise 4.1

A Country to My Liking – A Report

The report should include the following:
  • The reason why you chose to write about that particular country
  • Some background information on the country: location, population, area, type of government, capital, and languages
  • The lifestyle of the country (the largest part of the text)
The length of the report is one page, which is about 420-450 words. In addition to the text, the report must include the links to your sources. (Those are not included in the 420-450 words.) Remember to use at least four sources.
Keep in mind that you must write the report in your own words as copying and pasting / plagiarism is illegal.
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.
Submit your report below.

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Exercise 4.2

A Country to My Liking – Take a Look!

Take a look at the materials posted by others in the conversation exercise A Country to My Liking - Take a Look. What did you think of the materials? Which country would you like to visit?

Submit your thoughts on the materials, the links you posted yourself as well as the date when you posted them below.

Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.
Submit your comments here



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Exercise 4.3

Articles and Proper Nouns – Multiple Choice

Add a, an or the in the correct places. Leave the slot empty if you think no article is necessary.

Tehtävä arvioidaan S/K.

 Sunset Boulevard is  very long street in   Los Angeles.  Hollywood is  neighborhood in  same city.
Some famous locations in  City of New York are  Times Square,  Statue of Liberty,  Madison Square Garden, which is also known as  Garden, and  Broadway.
In  Toronto many  tourists want to see  CN Tower and  Toronto Harbour, which is located on  north shore of  Lake Ontario.
One of  most popular tourist attractions in  Australia is  Sydney Opera House.
 University of  Auckland is  New Zealand’s  highest ranking university. It is said that   Auckland is one of   best  cities to live in when considering  one's quality of  life.
What about  London? There one should see at least  Big Ben,  Houses of  Parliament,  Buckingham Palace,  Tower of London, and maybe walk around   Hyde Park or take  boat tour on   Thames. One could also visit  old Englist pub or climb aboard  London Eye.  


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