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Lesson 8 - Reviews

This lesson will begin with learning some vocabulary related to music. Then you will read some reviews and present two reviews yourself. The first one will be a review of a music video or a video/computer game. The second one will be of a live performance or event. 
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 Learning Vocabulary

Start by reading this article
and study the words listed at the end of the article. 


Visit these websites and create a short list of useful words as you read through some reviews:

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Exercise 8.1

Words Used in Reviews

Make a list of 15 words that you can use in your own reviews. Make sure you know how to pronounce them, too. For pronunciation help, you can use this pronunciation guide.
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Submit your list here.


Exercise 8.2

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Visual Appeal

Choose a music video or a video/computer game that you really like visually. Make an audio file where you express your opinion of it in English and state why someone else should watch or play it. The length of your recording should be 3-4 minutes. Remember to provide your teacher a link to the music video or video/computer game trailer.
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Submit the audio file below.



Exercise 8.3

Reviewing a Live Performance


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Write a review of a concert, a play, a show, or any other art performance you have attended. Alternatively, you can write a review on a recording of a live concert or performance broadcast on TV or online, for example at YouTube.
The length of your text should be between 120-200 words, and it should cover the following points:
1.       Who was performing, when and where?
2.       Why did you choose to attend or watch that particular performance?
3.       What did the performance include?
4.       What was the best part?
5.       Was there something there that you didn’t like?
6.       How would you rate the performance (1-5 stars)? Why?
Tehtävä arvioidaan arvosanalla 4-10.
Submit your review below. 


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